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Monday, March 12, 2007

baby's first algorithm

  1. Get Appa to seat me and strap me in the high-chair
  2. Get Appa to put the tray on
  3. Get Appa to serve me some hufen ia

hufen ia = ice cream (pronounced like heeven yaa, in Welsh); of course, offullaa is how Ana says it...

This was too funny to not record and look back down the road:

About 30 minutes ago, Ana had a snack - some cheese crackers, water, some rice cake and sesame sticks. A huge snack by her tummy-size, usually. So, we figured she shouldn't be hungry for at least another hour or two, when we will have dinner... Then, she ran out to the yard with D and played for a while...

Then, a few minutes ago, to D's and my puzzlement, Ana asked D to seat her in the highchair and strap her on; step one done, she instructed D to fix the tray of the highchair; step two done, she smiled sweetly and said,"Appa, offulla? Ana ishio offulla."

Instead of asking for offulla directly, she had this whole series of instructions mapped out to get her the ice cream she was after!

Possibly because every time she asks me for offulla, I say, "All Gone!" and never give her any:-)

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