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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

too many choices

Ana is not able to make up her mind easily these days. She would ask for milk; and when I get to the fridge, she would come along and spy the juice right next to the milk I am about to get for her, and start asking for juice.

And when I give her a sippy cup full of juice, she would scream and ask for milk. She knows milk goes in the "makkovay" (microwave) before I hand it to her. She loves to hold on to the lid of the sippy cup waiting for the 'ding' of the microwave.

But, soon after the 'ding', she knows for sure she wants "doos" (juice)!

So, i try to trick her sometimes: when milk is ready and she runs away screaming she wants juice and won't take the milk cup from me, i pretend to open the fridge, and hand her the same milk cup, with a sweet smile stating, "Ana's juice", and walk away pretending to be busy in the bathroom. Don't give her a chance to find out and change her mind... i feel a little evil, but, am sure it is an acceptable mommy-tactic.

She seems to like trying on all her clothes every day. I got her ready this morning: usual pants and t-shirt, comfortable for an active day at daycare.

Of course, she decided she didn't like the t-shirt I put on her and screamed till she found another one and had me help her put that on.

Thankfully, before she could change her mind about that shirt, I distracted her with shoes. She loves shoes. But, only, she has more than one pair, thanks to my mom.

She asked for and picked out her favorite brown ones with butterfly. Then got very upset about it after I put them on her. And decided she wanted a different pair - indoor ones - well, you get the picture.

Not sure if it is having choices and finding it hard to make up her mind, or about control, or a combination of both...

Every morning is becoming quite a struggle to get her ready and get to work. She is barely 21 months old. (note to self: start saying "almost two", "she is almost 2 years old"). She is probably just being a toddler.

I am fine with indulging her for now: as long as she is just changing her mind frequently about juice and milk and peas and corn and shirts and shoes.

I am not sure I can bypass the tantrum phase that easily. If she is at the store screaming for me to buy her a toy, I hope I can stay calm, tell her why that's not going to happen, walk calmly to the car, strap her in and head home safely. I hope I have the strength do that. More than that, I really hope and pray that I don't have to cross that bridge at all.



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