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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Daddy Charmer

With head tilted to a dangerously cute angle, in a thin and delicate voice, casting an enchanting look directly into Daddy's eyes, TJOML utters, "Mote, Appa? Moaa Mote, Appa?". She bats her puppy-dog eyes and adds, "Mote. Woof. Woof.", with the most alluring bobble-headed nod.

Daddy has no choice but to comply. He has not mustered up the whatchamacallit so far to resist the spell.

"Mote" = Smot, the Welsh DVD of Spot The Dog.

Some creative misdirection and providence has helped me stay immune to this spell so far. I know it is only a matter of time before I am ensnared as well and end up playing the DVD on demand.

Smot DVD is sort of cute and educational, so, I guess I am ok with it for now.

Inbetween the 5-minute episodes where Smot sings and plays with his friends etc., the DVD has little kids solving some puzzles, discovering musical instruments and such.

For example, one such large floor puzzle is shaped/structured like a pond, with cut-outs of things one might find in the pond - like a duck, a frog, a fish. The cut-outs leave a clearly defined hole-of-sorts in the pond. The kids look around the room and find frog, fish, duck, ladybug and such shapes, some of which are of course designed to fit into the hole-of-sorts in the pond puzzle. The kids try to fit each one in the correct spot.

One of the kids picks up a ladybug and tries to put it in the frog-shaped cut-out in the pond. Naturally it doesn't fit. So, he tries again till he gets it right.

TJOML has noticed this and registered it the first couple of times. From then on, every time we play the DVD, when the kid picks up the ladybug, she blurts out, "No! foth! No, FOTH!", trying to help the kid in the DVD. (foth = frog)

Wonder if she is thinking What a silly kid... he knows ladybug doesn't fit, he has tried it umpteen times so far; yet, he tries again and I have to help him.

Daddy, from where I am looking, is hopelessly under the tiny one's spell. He can't seem to string an "N" and an "O" together and utter it firmly when the little charmer is working full tilt.

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