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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

ffi-ffi ai ffriendiau and smot

smot ffi ffi ai ffriendiau

Santa stopped by! He thought TJOML was really good.

I think TJOML got a good set of Christmas surprises. She doesn't quite understand Christmas yet, but, recognizes Santa and likes a few Christmas songs.

Two of the Santa's surprises for TJOML are Ffi-Ffi and Smot DVDs.

I just started watching them, so, am not quite sure if I like them as much as I like Nodi. TJOML seems to like them a lot already. She has only watched them for about 20 minutes so far.

Smot is basically Spot. In Welsh. A cute dog. Sings and has adventures with his friends. The DVD we got has a sing-along feature - words to the song are included in the DVD. I like it as it helps me learn a bit more of Welsh than I had intended. That's always good.

Ffi-Ffi is a little girl and has some friends and has fun. Well, Ffi-Ffi is a Forget-Me-Not, one of her friends is a Violet and another is a Primrose. There's a Bumble Bee and a Slug too. The usual kids stuff. In Welsh. This is sort of a girly version of Nodi - different setting, different approach, but, sort of cute and nice to watch.

A while back I was worrying myself quite a bit about letting TJOML watch TV/Video/DVD. I was quite convinced it would do her harm if we let her get into the habit. After all, I grew up watching no TV.

But, D on the other hand, took it easy, and kept saying, "I watched a lot of TV when I was growing up, and I turned out all right". Well, to be honest, he turned out more than all right. He is very smart, very creative etc. But, maybe he is the one exception. Who knows?

A few days a week, D likes to turn on the TV after dinner and relax - maybe watch The Simpsons or something. That sort of grates on my nerves a bit. Just a tad bit. I surely enjoy a show or two - like The Office, and maybe Nova on PBS and such, but, I prefer not to have the TV programming on when TJOML is around.

Anyway, I stopped overthinking this. I let TJOML watch her videos for about 20 mins or so, once or twice a day, only when she asks for it. And then we say "Bye Bye Nodi". So, TJOML understands (sort of) that Nodi has gone Bye-Bye and won't be seen for a while. If she wants to watch more the same day, I put my foot down, and try to play with her and read to her, as long as it takes to get her mind off Nodi or Wil or Ffi-Ffi or Smot. And, as long as I have enough control over what she watches, I think I am OK with it for now.



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