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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

moaa kickee

xmas cookiesTJOML rarely gets cookies at home, although she does seem to get them at daycare several times a week, as a snack.

D made some christmas cookies over the weekend. And these weren't traditional cookies: they were a tad bit spicy with nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger, and not terribly sweet, and not yet topped with powdered sugar or frosting or anything special. Very tasty, if you ask me, but, we wanted to see what TJOML thought of it.

So we gave her a teensy one, shaped like a sort of a gingerbread man. Silence for a while, but for the munching. So, we thought it just didn't make an impression on her. That's OK, we said to ourselves, a little too soon...

Just a few minutes later, she walks up to her chair at the dining table, pointing and repeating 'moaa kickee, moaa kickee' ("more cookie,more cookie"), makes me pick her up and seat her, instructs me to put her bib on, and impatiently gives D a "what part of moaa kickee don't you understand, Pa?" look!

It was so darned unexpected that both D and I couldn't help laughing. So far, most evenings when we want to seat her for a meal at the table, she runs away screaming, "No", until we find ways to distract her and entice her suitably. Apparently, a meal of D's special cookies does the trick :-)



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