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Sunday, December 10, 2006

did it look good today?

"Oh, you're gonna like the way it looked:" declared D, "it wasn't dry pellets and it wasn't too runny; was sort of pasty."

All you readers with infants in diapers, you know what I am talking about, right?!

Well, I always try to keep a close watch on TJOML's diaper contents. Since I change her 90% of the time at home, it sort of happens naturally for me.

But on days like today, being sort of busy in the kitchen when I detect the familiar stench, it is D's duty to take care of it.

Usually, D doesn't even cast a cursory glance at the contents. He simply rolls up the diaper, gets the bottom clean as fast as he can and is done with it.

Today, however, I specifically reminded D to take a look and describe it to me. I am quite keen on keeping track of her poo as it is quite an indicator for me about how she is doing in general, whether I need to add more fruit and fiber to her diet, or, sometimes, whether I need to stop fruits and add more breads... plus, she has been grunting and straining more than normal and it sort of worries me when she does that.

Anyway, so, it apparently looked good today. Phew!



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