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Friday, November 17, 2006

could it be canines?

Looks like it, so far...

Ana had her first tooth out on new year's day - at least the tiny white bud that we could see - after months of cutting teeth and sleepless nights. It happened to be her upper incisor on the right side.

Then in quick succession came the two lower incisors and other three upper incisors.

Gone was the cutest toothless smile I ever saw!

And, gone were the sleepless nights as well. She sort of breezed through her two other lower incisors, I barely saw them coming - one fine morning she seemed to have woken up with two extra bottom front teeth.

I was ecstatic. So much so that, I was beginning to worry something was wrong: why is she sleeping through the night? Is something wrong? I kept checking on her a few times a night just to be sure - but, there she was, apparently all the teeth that were cutting through for months came out pretty much back-to-back and she seemed to snore away happily through the nights for about 3 months.

Until the molars wanted to come out, that is. It just took a week or so, that's it - a tough sleepless week - but, her first set of molars were out and she seemed to take it in her stride and carry on being a busy toddler.

Well, now that she is 19-months old, (note to self: stop using months as Ana's age indicator), the sleepless nights are back with a vengeance.

From what little investigation she allows us while brushing her teeth, it appears that the canines might be making an appearance, hopefully shortly.

It is a good thing memory is short-term at that age. If I can remember all the pain I endured while cutting my first set of baby teeth, I would probably be a nervous wreck worrying about what Ana is going through.

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