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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What's in a name?

One restless evening, a few days before my due-date, trying to settle into our new home, I decided to draw a nice warm bath and get some much-needed rest: although it was a joint decision for me to work full time till delivery and then get back to work right after my 30-day maternity leave, I was feeling quite angry about it.

To top it, we had just bought a house in my mid-third-trimester and being sort of on a budget crunch and not having too many friends in town, we had to move all on our own. Plus the house needed some 'work' and some good thorough 'cleaning'. D did the 'work' while i did the 'cleaning'.

Aside: I must admit how impressed and proud I am that D managed all the labor-intensive stuff all by himself!! Since we weren't moving far from where we were then living, D made several trips in his sturdy old Freya until we had only the big things left that needed a U-haul.

I am digressing. Or rather, I guess, I am setting up the scene...

So, in the midst of all that, we didn't have much time to think a lot about the soon-to-arrive baby. Therefore, we never really gave much thought about Baby Names.

Getting back to my bath, where I started this story: I was sitting in the tub, pretty angry, pretty much clueless about what's coming, and casually decided to indulge in finding The Perfect Name for my Baby.

That's when it hit me: Oh my God, this is not an easy one!

I screamed for D from the bathtub; he came all ready to drive me to the hospital, when I told him how much I am afraid of (not)finding The Perfect Name for my Baby.

He looked at me calmly and said, "Baby is not here yet. I have to look at her before I can think about what name would best fit her. Why don't you wait till you see Baby first?"

Phew! Makes sense, I thought. I still have time, I don't have to think up a name right now. But, I can think of what I would not like and straight away eliminate them. That was easy. With that thought I enjoyed the rest of my bath, eliminated any name that started with B, C, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, N, Q, U, V, W, X, Y, Z and settled down for another sleepless night.

About 5-6 days after TJOML arrived, when we had to take her to her first pediatrician visit, they stumped us by asking us the 'patient's name'!

I thought I could just use the same excuse we used at the hospital, 'Oh, we haven't thought of one yet', but, for insurance and such, the lady at the Reception refused to accept 'Cutelicious-est Baby Ever!'

We had to think up one fast, and since I knew what my mom& dad wanted to call the wee one (their first granddaughter), we decided to give that name, with the caveat that the name is subject to change shortly.

The lady at the Reception rolled her eyes imperceptibly.

Anyway, TJOML now has a beautiful name, albeit a very long name: one that I liked a lot (so did D), one that D liked a lot (so did I, but not as first name), one that my parents liked a lot ... put them all together and there you have it!

But, after 18 months, I think I can safely say that I can't think of any other name that would suit her personality better!

If ever she hates her first name because people butcher it (it is a Sanskrit name, by the way), she can go by her middle name(s), heheh!



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