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Friday, September 08, 2006


happens to be TJOML's favorite words these days...

She picks up her favorite Alphabet Pal toy, dashes it to the ground and goes, "Uh-Oh" like it was an accident.

She climbs on the sofa, drops the cushions behind the sofa one by one, each drop followed by a sincere, resounding "Uh-Oh", pointing at the fallen cushion.

She delicately holds her bowl of milk and cereal over the side of her high chair, gets my attention, and before I could act, releases the loaded bowl to the floor with a gleeful "Uh-Oh" even before the bowl hits the ground.

So, one evening, as I was busy getting dinner ready while canning some stewed tomatoes from our garden and getting some laundry sorted and folded, I was rather ready to explode when I heard a rather strained and unusual "Uh-Oh" from TJOML. Unusual because there was no preceding bang or giggles or thud; and strained, as I found out, because she was standing with her legs apart, bending down and reaching at the floor trying to touch something: her PEE!!

Being a hot summer day, i had let her run around the house in the buff, and for the first time, TJOML felt her own pee running down her legs!! And this time, her "Uh-Oh" was so perfect, I couldn't help laughing loudly much to her confusion:-)



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