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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Little Ms.Take-Charge

I was relaxing one saturday morning after breakfast, pretending to ignore TJOML's mild whinings about going out to the backyard. The problem is, we have sort of child-proofed the home but not the yard: we have many precious little plants in our vegetable garden all yielding well and if we don't watch her like a hawk, TJOML loves to just tear into the plants and giggle wildly with a bunch of green chilies in her hand and a mouthful of chewed up baby calliopes.

When her whines started drowning my strong rendition of Wheels On The Bus and the ABC song, I decided to play hide and seek with her and ran off to the nook. Usually, rather than attempting to find me (she hasn't quite learnt the rules of the game yet, heehee), she goes to her room looking for something else to play with.

But not this time.

After about a minute or so when I was about to let a sigh of relief, I hear the cute "thumpa" "thumpa" "thumpa" that accompanies TJOML's walking/waddling/wobbling.

She finds me, makes me sit down, takes off my socks, slips on my 'outdoor' slippers, lifts up her arms with a "ba ba ba" and clambers on top of me till she settles down on my hip, and jumps up and down like she is riding her pony, then points to the patio door in a gesture not much unlike soldiers yelling "Charge!"

I think I got the message:-)



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