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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Book Review Policy for this blog

Children's (and Adult) Books Review Policy for this blog

It is no secret that I love books, especially children's picture books.

What started as a simple way of keeping track of the books that my kids enjoyed has now become a channel for me to champion for the books that inspire and influence me, not just as a parent, but as a writer as well. In that sense, my book posts are not "reviews" per se, but more of a cheer-leading effort to spread the word about some gems out there that I happen to come across.

I typically write only about books that resonated with my kids and me. If a book did not engage us in any positive way, I do not write about it. After all, with limited time at my disposal, I'd rather write about something inspiring than something negative.

I am open to receiving review copies of books on a selective basis for sharing here on my blog.

The themes I lean towards in picture books include (but not restricted to):
  • cultural diversity 
  • wildlife and nonfiction books about animals of all sorts
  • environment, eco-consciousness
  • poetry
  • biographies
  • folktales and traditional literature
While I do not guarantee a review post for every review copy received, I do want to affirm that if a book affected us in any positive way, I'd be happy to write about it here.  Also, I would like to clarify upfront that acceptance of a review copy is not a commitment to post a review of the book -- again, this policy reiterates my goal of refraining from negativity, while still allowing me to share my frank and honest opinions.

I accept digital and print ARCs and review copies of picture books, chapter books, middle grade, and YA. 

Please contact delectable[dot]victuals[at]gmail[dot]com for details.

I do not participate in advertising or product endorsement or commercial ventures. I write simply because it gives me great pleasure to share a book that was well-received by us at home, in the hope that readers of this blog might find it useful as well.

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