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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

moments such as these...

Mr.Husband and I had back-to-back eye appointments and had to take 18-month-old TJOML with us; as it was a saturday morning appointment, the doctor's office was rather empty which was great as TJOML can get impatient and we didn't want to annoy other patients there.

While we were waiting for my eyes to dilate, I was following TJOML around the reception/waiting area to keep her out of trouble, read a few books to her, tried to interest her in an occasional doggie walking by, and we were pretty much at the end of the rope as far as our patience goes.

Then, quite on her own, TJOML stares intently at a small sign written in white on a red board and says, "aoo" pointing to 'O', "ssss" pointing to 'S', "tay" pointing to 'T' and a hesitant "aoo" pointing at a 'D' (as D and O were similar in that font). It took my breath away! The sign was posted on a small gate where the floor stepped down and read 'STEP DOWN'.

This may not be much to many readers, but, that was the first time TJOML pointed out the letters of the alphabet on her own, correctly at that.

And then, last night, we were reading before putting her in bed, she picks up her I Spy Little Numbers book and on her own, points out 'aeth'(8), 'sees' (6) and 'naa'(9)!

Moments such as these, just take my breath away.

Now, I know that she does not have the concept of numbers and counting etc., or any notion of the alphabet. I know she is probably pointing to 'A' and '8' just like she points to pictures of animals in her book and says out their name or imitates their sounds.

And, probably reading the I Spy books every day, sometimes several times a day, and every night before bedtime for the last 3 months probably has something to do with it. But still... it is pretty darned amazing to experience it for the first time.



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