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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

guess what this is?

finger paintingMaybe it's not tough to guess...

TJOML is quite the temperamental artist.

On days when she is inspired, she will daintily dip her fingers in the bowl of tempera paint and make precise strokes as if she knew exactly what she wanted to do, picking up different colors as she goes.

But on other days, she would just moodily stir the paints, dab a little on herself, try to see if blue differs in taste from red paint, then, tip the bowl upside down and smear the paint around a bit and then tear up her 8x11 cardstock "art paper".

Either way, she is a delight to watch!

This piece featured here was done on a fine saturday morning in august when the sun was shining and the backyard seemed like heaven and TJOML was fully inspired.

Fortunately, every piece she has produced so far has filled me with maternal pride. I managed to cut little pieces from some of her early works (circa age-12 months-to-15 months) and make them into cute-sy greeting cards and send them to family and friends for various occasions.

When I gave one such hand-made card for his birthday, featuring one of TJOML's early work, my dad-in-law honestly thought I did the "modern art" painting myself and just attributed it to the wee artist!

Now, I know: either that just shows how bad an artist I am, or how good an artist TJOML is. And I'd like to believe the latter, anyday!

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