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Friday, November 10, 2006

au revoir bouteilles

TJOML started using baby feeding bottle around 4 weeks out of necessity - I had to get back to work, but, I was consistently pumping and filling up bottles and freezer bags.

We had reserved a fairly sizeable portion of the limited kitchen countertop space for baby bottles, brush and other paraphernalia, plus the bottle warmer etc.

She started taking to the sippy cup at about 6 months and didn't care too much for a bottle except when at daycare.

Several months down the road, about the time she was weaned, she gave up the bottle entirely and didn't think twice about it, and switched entirely to sippy cup for all her drinking needs.

I, on the other hand, could not give up her bottle.

They sat there, all washed and sterlized, in a nice little box/rack, next to the bottle warmer for months on our kitchen countertop!

She hadn't used the bottles in almost a year, but they were still around because I could not bring myself to part with them. I don't know why.

Finally, we needed to reclaim the counter space and my obsession with TJOML's bottles was seriously getting in the way.

I worked myself up to it, told D about it and said we should get rid of them.

About Time, he said.

But, I could not pick them up and throw them in the bin. I simply could not. I let them sit there a few more days.

One fine Saturday morning, two weeks ago, they were all gone!

I was ready to start a battle with D about this. I worked myself up to a very militant mood and was ready to confront him.

Somehow, better sense prevailed. I exercised supreme will power and finally let go.

Au Revoir Bouteilles.



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