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Monday, November 27, 2006

whither shall i follow, follow thee?

"ballo, ballo, ballo, ballo, ballo, ballo, ballo, ballo, ballo...".

Over the Thanksgiving break, TJOML has been saying this over and over, on and off, throughout the day while (un)dressing her doll Enid or while walking her tricycle or just while walking back and forth being a busy toddler.

Well, her Nana gave her a tape of some children's songs and we have been playing it selectively for TJOML as she doesn't have patience for the whole tape. Some are quite popular songs like "Three Blind Mice", "Are you sleeping", "Clementine" and such, and some are songs i haven't heard at all in my life and probably don't want to, for a good reason :-)

Anyway, one of the songs there goes something like this: "Come follow follow follow follow... follow follow follow me; whither shall i follow follow thee? to the greenwood, to the greenwood, to the greenwood, greenwood tree".

TJOML latched on to it and has been practising the song in her own way for the last several days. I hope she feels she has mastered it enough and decides to move on to another song - there is only so much of the cute "ballo ballo....." i can handle at a time :-)



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