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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Trip to the Zoo

oregon zoo sea lionoregon zoo elephantsoregon zoo giraffe
Usually, I am quite uncomfortable about Zoos. I am not too fond of the concept of confining wild animals. Well, there are pros and cons and am sure each of us has our own opinions on this.

But, D and I decided to set our adult prejudices and biases aside, and take TJOML to the Oregon Zoo last month. After all, we cannot afford a Safari in the Serengeti now... Plus, she knows about 2 dozen animals and their sounds (as close as we can imitate it) from just looking at her picture books and sitting with us to "talk" about them on and off.

TJOML had a blast.

A sizeable group of us visitors were assembled to see Rama do his painting and other playful things he has learnt to do. While the handler was trying to set things up for us and was talking quite passionately about Rama, all TJOML could do was give her full-throated elephant trumpeting sounds, pointing at Rama. We were fervently trying to keep her quiet, but, had to leave as she was too excited to see an elephant right in front of her almost within arm's reach!

She recognized pretty much most of the animals on her own, pointing and making their sounds and saying their names in her own way. She seemed pretty excited the whole time - after almost 3 hours of wandering around in the zoo and it being close to her nap time.

Her enthusiasm kept me going. To be honest, I was looking for an excuse to head home, and any slight whining or discontent shown on TJOML's part would have been reason enough for me, but, she didn't give me an excuse that day.

I am really glad we took her to the Zoo. Maybe we'll do it again in a few years when she is a little older and knows a little more about animals and let her form her own opinions about Zoos.



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