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Thursday, December 21, 2006

security ba-theth

"Mainn! Ba-theth! Amma, ba-theth" is a new song TJOML has been singing to me since last week.

ba-theth = blanket

TJOML recently started getting attached to one of the fleece blankets I had made for her when she was barely 2 months old.

It was the "car blanket" for all these months - the one we leave in the car, just in case... and since she spends quite a chunk of her time commuting, she got to use this blanket quite a lot.

But, of late, she seems to have a renewed liking for it.

When we went out shopping the other day, she insisted on holding it and walking everywhere with it! She was literally mopping the Barnes & Noble floor with it, and didn't let me fold it neatly and let her hold it daintily so it won't gather all the gross things I imagine thriving on the floor and such...

As long as she is getting attached to a blanket, I am secretly glad that it is one I made for her - if you can really call it that - i mean, it was bright cheery fleece print to which I added some binding, and made a matching hat as well, which she loves. Anyway, this sort of served as an inspiration for me to reach my teensy goal to be a blanketeer for project linus.

I don't remember having a security blanket, I am not particularly attached to anything from my childhood that I could not give up with little persuasion.

But D still hangs on to his almost thread-bare teen-size fleece blanket from childhood. I offered to prolong its life by using it as a batting in a quilt, along with another layer of warm unbleached cotton batting. This way, we can give it to TJOML when she is a little older. But he would hear none of it...

She doesn't seem to want the blanket all the time or anything - plus, she has her cow and mouse - two tiny stuffed toys - which seem to fill in for the blanket when we are at home.

I am sure this is just a phase, and she might just as easily get attached to something else pretty soon down the road... but, just thought I must record it here so I can remember when I first noticed her attachment to a security blanket of sorts.



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