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Thursday, January 04, 2007

I stand corrected, Sweet Pea

TJOML and I have been a bit sick for the last few days - congestion, cough, fever, the usual.

A few hours ago, after dinner, not finding anything that seemed to calm the cranky baby, I started reading to her.

We read Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? Eight times in a row. She calmed down and had her toasty warm milk nestling cozily on my lap.

Then we read Alphabeasts ("Uffa-bees"). About four times.

And each time, when we were at
S is for Swan
dancing with glee

TJOML pointed at the swan and exclaimed 'DUCK'!

"S W A N. SSS is for SSS W A A N, honey-bunny."
"S is for S W A A A N N, sweetie-pie", I ventured again.
"No, Amma, No. D U C K!" she explained patiently.

Sure. Duck it is and we moved on fine until we got to
Y is for Yak
seeking a path
Aside: the picture is cute on this page - the Yak has a paint bucket hanging from his horn, a paint brush in his mouth, looking perplexed, as he has painted himself into a corner!

Anyway, here again, TJOML pointed at the Yak and declared "Dhow!"
(Dhow = Cow).

"Y is for Y A A K, baby doll".
"No, Amma, DH A O W W W" she affirmed, pointing at the yak.
"M O O", she clarified seeing my unconvinced look.
"DHOW", she reiterated with an emphatic bobble-headed nod.

OK, sweet pea. I stand corrected.

Who cares about fine granularity? Her world is complex as it is. She'll learn in good time.

Till then, Y is for Dhow and S is for Duck.

Sounds perfect to me.



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