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Sunday, December 31, 2006

the potty book

potty training children's book TJOML is becoming aware of her bodily functions.

She can name most of the usual body parts - hands, feet, toes, eye, nose, mouth, ear, head, belly, hair etc - in welsh, tamil and english.

And over the last month or so, she is aware when she pees and poops. She lets us know she needs her diaper changed, saying, "Amma, cheej bapoo", "Amma, ditty bapoo". (Change Diaper, Dirty Diaper)

All this is a good sign for us - we are sort of trying to potty train her.

She knows when her Amma (c'est moi) uses the potty. She will even sit on her little potty, fully clothed. But she had not shown any interest in using the potty despite our cajoling...

So, D decided to get her a potty book for Christmas.

TJOML seems to love the book! We cannot read it just once every time we pick up that book. She wants us to read it to her, back to back, about a dozen times before we can even think of putting it away. So much so that in the few days since she got the book, we are so tired of it, we try to hide it lest TJOML spies it and one of us is trapped into reading it in repeat mode!

With the book in hand, "Moaa Say-aa", "Moaa Say-aa" (More Sara) is her plea to have us read the book to her. It is a simple, cute book. Little girl Sara sits on the potty, poops and pees, and washes her hands with soap and water afterwards. Good concepts. Nice book.

But, I don't think she needs a book to learn to potty. My mom does not remember anything much about how we kids got potty trained. We just did. But then, we were in India then, and we didn't use diapers...

However, I must admit, after seeing Sara in the book, TJOML has sat on her potty with her bare bottom when she needed to pee.

I should be overjoyed.

And I would be too, had she not removed the inner pan that is supposed to hold her droppings before she sat on it and did her job!

Go girl! Go!




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