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Monday, January 08, 2007


The other day, I was trying to get all the dry ingredients for Adai out so I can measure out and soak them overnight.

TJOML watched me get the first jar our of the cupboard and decided to help. We pulled out the containers of urad dal, toor dal, parboiled rice, chana dal, whole green moong dal and lined them up on the floor. I got out a measuring cup and a large bowl.

Then, I sat back and simply let TJOML randomly scoop out various quantities of these ingredients and drop them into the bowl. I had to sort of keep an eye as she also wanted to transfer the ingredients from one container to another rather than into the bowl. That would not have been good.

She had such a blast! She did spill quite a bit. Lesson learned. I started spreading a clean towel/sheet on the floor from then on.

Also, I sort of kept track of how much of each ingredient went into the bowl. So, when TJOML was finally done, I rounded up the proportions slightly to make a decent adai batter.

Usually, I like to work alone in my kitchen. But, ma petite is welcome any time to help me as long as she can follow directions from Chef de Cuisine (c'est moi) :-)



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