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Saturday, January 27, 2007

chosticks update

A few weeks ago, it was clear to us that Ana is interested in chopsticks and tries to imitate us when we eat a meal together using chopsticks. Even if not quite successfully...

"It is difficult. Took me a long time to get comfortable with using chopsticks. She's just a baby...", I told D.

"Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese babies use it just fine. She is old enough", D countered.

Right. Sure.

She is showing a lot of interest in chopsticks these days, just from watching us. She does very well with spoon and fork.

And, yes, it is good to encourage her. So, we got her even tinier, baby size chopsticks with a clamp thingy that holds them together so she can practice when she wants.

I ate with my God-given fingers during my formative years as is the norm where I grew up. So, I am happy as long as she can feed herself without making too much of a mess for me to clean up - chopsticks or not :)

She has always been a good baby when it came to feeding herself. Since 7-8 months or so, she started feeding herself finger foods and such. Then, by about 10-11 months she started getting very good with her baby spoon and fork. The only times she expects me to feed her is when she is sick, or too tired and cranky. Which is fine by me...


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