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Monday, January 15, 2007

sboncio, sboncio

In an almost squatting position, with her butt jutting out back, her arms bent at elbows and level with shoulders, leaning forward with poise, TJOML jumps up with both her feet, yelling, "sboncio! sboncio! sboncio!", traveling leaps-and-bounds (read: one foot) in three consecutive jumps!

That's her latest exciting game. She pauses for breath, looks at me with a big smile and says, "Amma, sboncio! Amma, sboncio!" and doesn't stop until I ape her and hop around noisily.

Then, it is, "Appa, sboncio!" till D does the same. (Of course, her "sboncio" sounds more like "bonk-yo")

It all started when we first watched one of the Nodi episodes called Stwr y Sboncio, which roughly translates to The Bouncing Noise. This is my personal favorite Nodi episode in that first DVD: a bunch of balls bounce about noisily. Nodi helps one of the tiny, partially deflated balls by pumping air into it so it can bounce again. Other things happen in this episode: some pesky elves capture the balls in a net and the partially deflated ball squeezes out and rushes to Nodi and gets help... cute episode.

ffi-ffiAnyway, sboncio=bounce, in Welsh (sbonk-e-yo). So, D taught her to jump and bounce saying, "sboncio! sboncio!", after watching a Ffi-Ffi episode, where one of the characters, Cog Gwsberen, jumps around saying "sboncio!".

Which reminds me: TJOML used to refer to Cog as "baa-yaa" (her word for Bunny) for a long time, until she watched this Ffi-Ffi episode (Ffi-Ffi-Ffo-Ffym) a few times and figured out, all on her own, that he is called Cog by his friends. It was amazing. One fine day, she points to her "baa-yaa" and says "kokh" (kokh=Cog).

Anyway, TJOML caught on fairly quickly and loves this sboncio game. It is incredibly cute to watch her hop/jump/bounce all the way from living room, via kitchen to the nook (a distance of about 20 feet) yelling "sboncio! sboncio!".

It is even cuter when she holds her little cabbage patch doll Enid and gets her to jump while squealing "sboncio!" with such obvious delight.

I should probably video tape this and play it back for her when she is older...



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