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Thursday, February 08, 2007

kitty love

So far, the kitties have managed to stay a safe distance away from Ana. They are not especially fond of her, but, they are sweet. They don't hiss and fuss. They just sit in plain sight under the dining table, just out of reach, adopting the Live And Let Live policy.

Ana however has taken a special liking to the kitties over the last few months. Ever since she discovered they have hair all over their bodies that can be combed with their special "a-bus" (hairbrush). She has watched us do it and knows where we keep the kitty hairbrush.

The problem, of course, is the kitties are pretty much inaccessible to her.

So, she usually enlists D's help. First she instructs him to pick one up:"Appa, Toto. Toto sit Appa." (Toto=Twt, one of the kitties).

And when D has the said kitty safely on his lap, she hugs the kitty and plants him a big kiss, points out his ears, eyes, "tayo" (tail) and nose. Then gets the kitty hairbrush and fondly brushes his hair, as best as she can manage. All the while, the poor kitty sitting quietly only because D is holding him.

Then she instructs, "Appa, Toto bye bye." So D sends Twt away. Then, of course, she can't favor one over the other, so, she asks, "Appa, Bakkie? Bakkie sit Appa?". So, D gets Blackie, the other kitty, and settles down. Now, loop back to the beginning of the previous paragraph:-)

She seems to want to hug and kiss them a lot. Now, if only she knew and understood where their nose/mouth have been in an attempt to keep themselves clean, I am sure she would reconsider ways to show her love for the kitties. I do.



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