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Sunday, February 11, 2007

milk madness

For the last few weeks, milk seems to drive Ana mad. She gets warm milk in the morning, and again in the evening before "story time" and going to bed.

But for some reason, when I warm up the milk and give her the sippy cup, she gets very upset, throws the cup down and cries. Doesn't even try to drink the milk. Screams, No!" and simply throws her cup down hard.

Nothing really consoles her until she works through it. She asks for her milk during her crying bout. But, when we hand it to her, she dashes it to the ground again and cries.

So, we let her be and walk away, leaving the cup of milk handy for her to get to when she is good and ready.

Then, after about 3 to 5 minutes, she finishes her crying, picks up her sippy cup where we left it for her, walks over to one of us and starts drinking. Just like that.

I have no idea what is upsetting her so about her milk. She doesn't do this with juice or water.

The intriguing part is: she asks for the milk and then throws it down. It is not like we are insisting that she drink it or anything... and, it is not that she prefers a different cup - we tried offering it in each one of her 4 cups, but, she still doesn't like it!

She doesn't do this with her meal. If she wants corn instead of pasta I've served, she screams and asks for it but is happy when we give it to her.

Her tantrum is a little different and easier to handle when it comes to her clothes and meal. She simply screams and asks for the shirt or pants or food she wants and is happy when she gets it.

Have to chalk this one down for a mystery and hope it doesn't last long...



At 6:17 AM, Blogger Julie Q. said...

Oh what a fun age. They are so opinionated and still have trouble communicating what they really want. Good luck with solving the milk mystery.


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