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Saturday, February 17, 2007

now i know why...

The preferred term of endearment I call D by is, let's say, "Sweetie". Just hypothetically. I am too embarrassed to actually share the term I use...

Anyway, so, let's say I am in the bathtub with Ana, and we are just about done with the bath, I call out, "Sweetie, Baby is done... can you come and get her?"... you will hear a strong echo, "seetee, baby sa done... cnwekjr nfjpq?", in a melodious voice.

None other than Ana parroting me. She is into it these days.

She has started referring to D as "seetee" on and off, hearing me use it. She knows him as "Appa" and calls him "Appa" on and off as well.

I find it terribly funny, but, a little uncomfortable...

When I was in India, I remember mommies with toddlers were always calling their husbands "Appa", which translates to "Dad". It irked me a bit that they were calling their husbands "Dad" instead of by their names or the more traditional way of addressing them in the local language.

Now I know why.

So, if you hear me calling D "Appa", don't laugh. Ana made me do it:-)



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