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Friday, March 16, 2007

this little piggy

Many weekends, around 3:30-ish in the afternoon, if you tuned into to our Baby Monitor Channel, you'll hear a melodious rendition of the beautiful lyrics:
iss little piggy wee wee wee,
iss little piggy wee wee wee,
iss little piggy wee wee wee,
iss little piggy wee wee wee,
iss little piggy wee wee wee
That's around when Ana wakes up from her nap and keeps herself entertained until we get her out of the crib.

Ana seems to love "This little piggy went to market". She makes us do each hand and then each foot back to back.

She likes to wiggle her cabbage patch doll Enid's "fingers" and "toes" while reciting, "iss little piggy wee wee wee..." for each appendage.

Apparently, "went to market, stayed home, had roast beef, had none" seem to be too complex for her to bother with (understandably: she is not even 2 years old yet); so, all the little piggies cry "wee wee wee..."

Most weekday mornings she manages to find something absolutely a must-do and throws a bit of a tantrum if we don't indulge her. And, being in a rush to get to work, we sort of distract her and get going...

But this morning, it was such a sweet thing that we had to give in: D was holding BD (one of our kitties), and Ana simply would not get her coat on to leave until D wiggled each of BD's fingers and toes reciting "This little piggy..."

It was hilarious. Poor BD didn't quite know what was going on and sat there wide-eye and pointy-eared, ready to dart if there was a slack in the hold :-)

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