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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Meet Miss Polly Pees-a-lot

A while back I crocheted this Irish hooded capelet/poncho for a special little girl - my dear friend R's baby girl barely 15 months old.

This crochet capelet/poncho is being modeled by little Miss Polly Pees-a-lot, Ana's latest friend - a gift from her Nana.

And, no, I did not name her. Since Enid paapaa and Olga paapaa were named by me and Ana, we let D come up with a suitable name for the new doll.

We got what we asked for!

Now, Miss Polly Pees-a-lot, aka "Polly paapaa", drinks water from her baby bottle and when you seat her on her little special potty, she pees!! Also, she eats food (special food designed just for her), and when you seat her on her potty just right, she poops it all out! And, Nana, who was here a while back decided to get it for Ana to help encourage Ana to use the potty.

Polly has strategic openings to let out the water and the poop. She came with a cleaning tube thingy so we can clean her out in case she gets clogged. Of course, food sold separately.

Thanks to Nana's visit, with intensive training at home over 3 days, Ana happily pees in the potty now!! Yay!!

She asks to go, even dumps her little pan of pee into the toilet and flushes - asks for wipe and wipes herself, then washes her hands with soap and water.

All of this is done with such an urgency and anticipation because of the reward system: she gets to put a sticker on her potty for every time she successfully uses it, which is only secondary attraction to getting 2 whole mini M&Ms as treat for peeing in the potty successfully!

Ana still won't poop in the potty, she prefers to soil a fresh diaper for that. But, she loves to wear her panties. She wears pull-ups at daycare, and panties at home.

And if she knows she wants to poop, she directly asks for a diaper and as soon as we put it on, she soils it and asks to be changed into panties again!

Whatsup with that? I have no idea... but, when we try to encourage her to poo in the potty, she starts with-holding and it leads to constipation. Her pediatrician seems to think it is best to just put her in her diaper for a while and get her used to at least letting it out and not constipating herself...

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At 5:43 AM, Blogger Laavanya said...

Hi Sheela, I'm in the process of potty training my 2 yr old too.. It was so funny to read about Ms. Polly Pees-a-lot... :)
When Ana asks to go in the diaper, will she agree to do that sitting on the potty? If she does, that may get you one step closer. My daughter likes to take a few books with her and browse through them while she does her business...

At 10:36 AM, Blogger Roopa said...

This post made me feel good about how you trained Ana :) That seemed a very nice way to potty train. I dont have any kids , but i constantly keep reading such posts just for information :)


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