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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Runcible Bonds

“Your turn now, Sheela. Ready? Clear your mind of negativities. Focus on what you want to change in your life. Concentrate on the Infinite. Here we go…”

“What’s wrong, Auntie? What are you reading in the hexagrams? I-Ching doesn’t do anything bad, right?”
“There is a big change, a transition, for the good… you will embark on it soon, Sheela. Pursue it with sincerity. Don’t doubt your worth.”
“OK, Auntie… what sort of change?”
“I can’t tell you much more now.”

“Can we do the tarot cards now, Auntie?”
Auntie willingly obliges; and with the chosen cards spread in a Celtic Cross she starts reading…
“You will fall in love and get married, you will not find your soul-mate in the matches your parents are seeking to set up for you.”
“Oh Auntie! Come on! That is true of every girl here… you are just playing with our dreams”
“No, Sheela. R here just had hers read, and she can tell you that her cards strongly indicate an arranged match. That is how she will meet her soul-mate.”
“Aww... nevermind Auntie, stop teasing us. How about my career and studies?”
“You will move away, you do have a big change coming your way… meet it and embrace it, don’t fight it.”


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