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Sunday, October 28, 2007

i get to keep it

Drained after a whirlwind day, glad that Ana was finally tucked in for the night, I sat on the recliner of our much-(ab)used sofa, socked-feet up, trying to collect the highlights of the day that D would love to hear when he gets home. Especially the parts involving Ana. Assuming I am awake when he gets home. Assuming I would remember it all then. Assuming I would have the energy to relate it in the funny way I have it in my head now...

Sipping my piping hot hibiscus tea, drawing strength from its warm sourness, hypnotized by the gorgeous red color showing through the glass cup, I could almost feel my worries melting away. Almost.

Who cares if my boss set a deadline I may not be able to meet... Didn't my mom used to soak and crush the hibiscus flowers and use it as a shampoo when I was little? Wonder if I should plant hibiscus in my garden next year...

Should I tell him about the wonderful rotis I made with spelt flour that Ana loved? Should I tell him about the tie-dye t-shirt I made for Ana? Should I tell him about the hairball kitties coughed up plonk in the middle of the little area rug? Should I tell him about my health insurance statement showing payments refused? Should I… ?

I draped the warm throw over my lap, let the kitty settle next to me and knead my arm, while I mechanically continued the rhythmic insert-yo-pull of my next crochet project, letting my mind playback the one little video I'd like to tuck away from the day's events:

Any time the pots and pans rattle in that unmistakable way when unloading the dishwasher, there's frenzied tinkling of anklets announcing Ana's staunch willingness to help put the dishes away. But this particular time, Ana picked out two identical pot-lids, one in each hand, studied them briefly, and declared "I get to keep it!"

I surged with maternal delight, naturally.

Why? Well, when we play the Memory Cards game, if Ana finds a matching pair of cards, she gets to keep it face-up, accompanied by a thrilled chorus of "I get to keep it!".

And now that she found a matching pair, doesn't matter of what, she just blurted out, "I get to keep it!". It was just too precious to ignore.

Am not sure when this would become a boring chore for her, after all, I think it is only a matter of time before novelty wears out... but, her eagerness to help with the dishes has made this a pleasant bonding time for us over the last few months.

Soon she will go to school, make some friends, exercise her budding personality in many agonizing ways... and just in case she thinks she can get away with spurning me and sacrificing our bonding time for an inconsequential chat with a friend, I made a short video hopefully to remind her to help out around the house more, like she used to as a toddler :)

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At 11:39 AM, Blogger Tharini said...

that is sooo cute Sheela. The I get to keep it and the video. hearing her voice chattering away. Your potpourri of thoughts...very soothing. Have you tried peppermint tea? That's my favorite. Never tasted hibuscus tea tho.

At 1:20 PM, Blogger sagari said...

nice post


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