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Monday, October 15, 2007

Chinook Salmon

Relentless, driven, inspiring. For many centuries the fall Chinook salmon have fought their way upstream from the Pacific Ocean to return to Sandy River to spawn a new generation. And, around second week of October every year, this determined return of the fall Chinook salmon to the Sandy River is celebrated at Oxbow Park as The Salmon Festival.

D was interested in taking Ana to this event. I tagged along reluctantly. It was a fine dry day after a spell of cloudy, rainy days and I didn't want to be cooped up indoors. But, of course, I ended up having a very relaxing four hours.

D took Ana for a ride in the horse-drawn cart to the Wy-Kan-Ush-Pum Village where they had a lot of exhibits and free smoked salmon to taste.

salmon festival oxbow park

We went up a few trails and watched the large salmon struggle upstream. There were a few activities for children like painting, a maze, story-telling and so on. D enthusiastically took Ana around while I sat under the tent and enjoyed live music.

So far, Ana has shown a consistent liking for bluegrass music, be it at the farmer's market or beer fest or any such outdoor gathering with live music, where she likes to bounce and sway to the rhythm. Possibly because D plays the bluegrass banjo at home?! Who knows...

Anyway, sorry about the sideways tilt - I haven't found a freeware that will let me simply rotate the video files. Here's a tiny video of Ana I couldn't resist recording when Ana kept me company in the music tent. She was just warming up... She ended up jumping and running in circles and "dancing" till the end of the music show - even enticing a couple of other kids to join in!

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