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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Autumn at last...

Finally Autumn, promising its colorful glory, is here! I love Fall season for two reasons which understandably blend my backgrounds: September through December is the Festival Season in India with Krishna Jayanthi, Ganesha Chathurthi, Navrathri, Deepavali, Kaarthi and so on... also, it is the season of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas here.

I Love Christmas Season - it feels like the best time of the year! Although we don't get much snow here in the Willamette Valley, I love the chill cold crisp air during the season (a bit too wet sometimes, but, that's okay)... a gorgeous fire roaring in the fireplace, some warm home-made cider or hot buttered rum, some cheerful songs, and the spirits are up! I know... it's still too early, but, I can't wait for December:)

autumn fall pumpkins
Ana was quite fascinated with her first pumpkin twice her size easily and promptly started sucking on it as was her custom during those days :)

When she was just an infant, I remember how easy it was to cuddle her and rock back and forth to calm her down. Now, she is quite irritable, disagreeable and edgy as expected from a toddler.

So, I try to distract her with books and stories. She loves stories where I mention 'Ana' and a few of her favorite toys like Enid paapaa, Boo Boo Bunny, Lallo (Yellow) Bear and so on. Sometimes the story is about Enid paapaa wanting to go potty, sometimes it is the bear who tried to go touch the moon in the sky... The problem is of course, these are make-up-as-I-go-along stories and she hangs on every turn and later asks me to repeat the story, understandably getting upset at the revised version I inadvertently present at each repetition!

Thankfully, D volunteered to get Ana in bed tonight so I decided to write this little post before I retired myself... G'night!

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