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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

back after a break!

After two weeks of wonderful break, it is good to be back at the nest. The trip was very exciting and relaxing at the same time - one big advantage of traveling with a baby - can't rush about too much trying to pack as many activities in a day as we would have liked to :-)

Ana was pretty good through out the trip. We put her through a lot of traveling and she took it like a champ and managed to enjoy it - for the most part.

One of the new phrases she used extensively during the trip was "Go Bay" (GO Away!)... any time she was annoyed and did not want us to try and help her out she would scream "Go Bay!" It was just too cute and hilarious :-)

She bonded with her new friends Olga (the Bavarian girl doll) and Martin (yodelling lederhosen-wearing teddy bear).

Drachenfrühstück (Dragon's breakfast) and Der Klein Eisbär pixi series books in German became her best entertainment - she made me read them about a hundred times each! And my German being what it is, I somehow managed fine - not that she would've known the difference, of course ;-)

A couple of mini jigsaw puzzles kept her occupied briefly during the ICE train ride but they seemed too easy for her and soon she lost interest in them...

Anyway, we are back in the nest and I hope to be posting more actively again.


At 1:20 AM, Blogger Poppins said...

Hi, I've been a lurker here..I really do enjoy your posts.. and you recent trip pictures too (at your other blog). Was wondering if you had an email id where I can reach you?

At 12:59 AM, Blogger Poppins said...

Thanks for dropping by and for the email id.. Am emailing you pronto. Also I tagged you - 8 things about Ana that we don't know.

Take it up if you can, I would love to hear more about Ana !


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