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Sunday, April 22, 2007


Ana and I sowed a few forget-me-not seeds today.

She has seen D working a lot in the garden. She loves to run around in the back yard. So, we figured she is old enough to start learning about plants - how they grow, how to tend to them and such.

She is still too young to grasp all of it - she is barely two. But, planting some seeds and checking on them over the next few weeks to see if they germinate would be a good start... and if the seeds manage to survive and flower over the next few months I am sure I would be one of those crazy moms who gathers a few, presses them in her flower-press, treasures the dry flowers, and proudly shows it to one and all.

And, if the seeds give up and decide to lie dormant, I guess that is OK too. C'est la vie...

Last Summer, Ana gleefully plucked tomatoes and currants from our garden and sank her baby incisors into them enthusiastically.

So far, she has maintained 3rd place in indoor-plant-chewing, conceding the top two spots to our two kitties...

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At 12:19 AM, Blogger Gauri said...

That is really sweet Sheela :-)

"Sow the seeds" of planting, caring and nurturing early on and cross your fingers hoping that the greenthumb "takes root" in our little ones. Way too many puns I used there !!

That's what we did too. Have a whole load of potted plants in our house (have them in our bathrooms too) and the kids have seen both me and Vic planting, trimming the plants, watering them etc - the works .....

So now, we have two budding little gardeners in the making :-)

At 8:55 AM, Blogger Dee said...

Hi Sheela,
I am reading through your blogs for the first time and you have very interesting ones :).. I am going to hang out here more often!


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