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Friday, March 30, 2007

front yard wild bird

It was just another Friday evening. We were wondering how to kick off the weekend with Baby, D and me feeling a bit under the weather...

The Universe must have had its plan: we looked out the window, and right there in our front yard was a gorgeous Peacock!

D scooped up Ana, I grabbed my camera, and we headed out. There we were, gawking at this pretty creature with obvious delight and a bit of intrigue, wondering if he escaped from the zoo...

Ana couldn't stop pointing and repeating "Peacock!"

Our neighbor called the Animal Control. Apparently, no peacock had been reported missing, so, they just asked us to leave him alone and make sure he gets to roam around freely without being traumatized.

He just walked around in our front yard for a bit while we stayed out of the way, then to our driveway, then he hopped along on the side walk, majestically strutting around, headed further down the road, gracefully swaying his head this way and that, and decided to rest in our neighbor's back yard.

Not that I hadn't seen a peafowl in my life. There were quite a few peacocks I saw on a daily basis in India when I was little, and quite a few peahens. But, I never thought I'd see one on the average Pacific Northwest residential front yard :-)

Last weekend, we found a little tree frog in our yard and introduced him to Ana. She seemed quite fascinated. And now a peacock. Forget the Finch, Humming Bird, Blue Jay, Sparrow and Squirrel putting on a show in the back yard... I am sure any day now she is expecting an elephant or a camel to ring the door bell and say Hello!


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