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Monday, April 02, 2007

bye-bye naps

For the last couple if weekends, Ana has been skipping her naps in the afternoons.

And, according to her care-giver, she seems very reluctant to take a nap during weekdays as well.

However, since all the toddlers at the daycare are settled in for their nap time, Ana manges to stay down on her cot for the quiet time, even if she doesn't fall asleep.

So, we have started giving her quiet time on weekends as well. Except, she wants her books in her crib, and a few of her toys. She screams her lungs out if we don't give her the books, and since I like to curl up with a book in bed, i am more than happy to give her a few of her favorite board books and settle her in her crib.

However, the purpose seems to be sort of defeated: she "reads" the books out loud, sings songs with her toys, babbles on and on for about two hours, with no signs of settling down for quiet time, let alone nap...

She manages to stay quiet for about 15-20 minutes or so, after about two hours of non-stop chattering... then starts with her singing again!

She is not even two years old yet. I am not sure how she manages to wake up before seven in the morning, carry on all day without a nap till about eight in the evening.

Of course, as a result of skipping her nap, she gets very cranky around five-ish in the evenings...

But, as she is quite exhausted by seven-ish in the evenings, I start winding her down around then; we hit the sack about eight-ish, read for a while, and then try to fall asleep by quarter to nine.

My mom doesn't remember if I had a nap schedule when I was a toddler... I guess I have to get used to the fact that the wee tot is doing away with her afternoon naps for good...



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