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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Ann Marie Reeves Jarvis probably never dreamed of a day honoring her. I think Anna Jarvis, if she could be here today, will both be happy and sad regarding what she started. She might shake her head at the commercialization of the day she fought hard to establish, honoring her mother. She might also give an approving nod at the fact that many of us indeed take the day seriously and make our mothers feel special in what little way we can.

My first Mother's Day as a new mom a couple of years ago with a newborn is a blur. I felt awkward. But, I was grateful as well, as my mom was with me to help with my post-partum recovery, and we talked about her days with a newborn and mine.

For the first time then, I realized what it must have been for her to raise her two kids. Until we come a full circle, we don't realize what it must have taken for our moms to bring us into this world, what fears and hopes they had, and even something as profound as how did they decide to pick a name for us and so on... When I pester her about anecdotes from my childhood, she says, "oh you were such a quiet girl, always entertaining yourself and not bothering me much..". " i have no idea how you grew up to be such a wonderful lady..." if you could only see the twinkle and suppressed smile when she tries to say this with a straight face...

Amma, I know I have always made little cards for you to show how I feel - too bad there were more "I am Sorry..." cards than "Thank You" cards until I grew out of my teens...

I remember the time I had chicken pox, you would brush me with neem leaves and read Les Miserables (abridged), my first introduction to Jean Valjean... I remember your strict "disciplinarian" style when I was out of line... I remember not liking my school days much when you would not bail me out of "punishments" for minor infractions, i remember thinking you must hate me, else, being my teacher in school, why would you not show any leniency, why would you not go out of your way to make sure my school days were a breeze as "the teacher's daughter"? My warped teenage mind refused to be objective...

Is it any wonder that I am mirroring you now? You sewed most of my clothes, you had so many crafts interests, even to this day you are teaching yourself jewelry-making and zardosi embroidery so you can make wonderful gifts for your granddaughter...

Is it silly that even today, when I stress about a little tiff at work, or when I can't seem to cope with many things, I run to you - well, I simply pick up the phone and dump it all on you. You patiently listen, then say just the right soothing words and I feel my worries are lifted away... Not many have that gift, Amma, and I sincerely hope I have it in me to hug Ana's worries away as she grows up.

I know I send you cards for every little occasion, even send you a card just because... the physical distance that separates us now makes it difficult for me to give you a hug when I remember the times you have said a simple word to make my worries melt away... cards and words are my only resort now to let you know how grateful I am to have a Mother like you...

Don't criticize a (wo)man until you have walked in h(er)is shoes, they say... And I won't.

Amma, I am posting this here as I know you read my blogs once in a while... Happy Mother's Day! and Thank You for all that you do for me.


At 10:03 AM, Blogger Kitchy... said...

That was such a touching post :)

And ur blog has just brought out every thought and feeling I had about my mom.

Happy Mother's day to all the wonderful Mom's out there

Cheers !!

At 10:07 AM, Blogger Archana said...


I got here from DesiMomzClub. You have a lovely way of writing your thoughts. I probably read several of posts in one sitting the other day.

I live in Seattle and looks like we are neighbors in the PNW!



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