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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tiger on a Tree

tiger on a tree children's book review anushka ravishankar pulak biswas indian
Tiger on a Tree by Anushka Ravishankar/Pulak Biswas, 2004. (Ages 1 - 5).

A tiger on the shore, dares to explore,
and gets stuck on a tree.
A group of men find him, wanting to bind him,
but end up setting him free!

Pardon my attempt at verse, but, Ana seems to like this book. I am not sure why she likes it, but, some of my thoughts on this book are recorded here .

After weeks of waiting, about half a dozen books I had requested at my public library were ready for pick up all at once, Tiger On A Tree among them. And not a moment too soon.

Seems like Ana can recite Big A, little a in her sleep; and she pretty much recites all the little Dr.Seuss board books we bought for her - while playing with her dolls... (Mr.Brown Can Moo, Can You? , Hop On Pop, The Foot Book, Ten Apples Up On Top, The Tooth Book and so on). So, I was at a loss - we are on a budget and I have already used up the allotted sum for books this month. Good that the library books are here. Am looking forward to exploring them with her.

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