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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Endangered: Naptimes

For the last six months, Ana's nap times have unofficially been just "Quiet Times" where she is down on her bed/cot after lunch with a few of her books and toys, with some lilting music on and her door shut.

Being an addict to the baby monitor since her birth, I haven't been able to detox myself and so naturally, I listen in on her all the time. D thinks I am getting paranoid, but, it could just happen that the day I decide to shut it off would be the day she screams for help to visit the potty or something and I never hear it and she stays in her bed and poops all over herself and the sheets... or worse.

Anyway, so, the other day, I had settled Ana in for her "naptime" and was enjoying her interactions with her current favorite: June doll (a Christmas gift from her Aunt). And then, all was quiet for a while allowing me to assume as usual that Ana had succumbed finally and snoozed. So, I didn't peep in to check.

Finally, after the scheduled 2-hour quiet/nap time when I go into her room to set her loose and make sure she hits the potty right away, I am greeted by this sight: Powder Abishekam!

She had decided to test if the baby powder jar was indeed bottomless!!

I had just started a full jar the previous day. I leave her pull-ups, wipes, lotion and powder etc., in her room now that she is a "big girl". The whole jar of powder was set loose in her room!! I am not sure how long she was there inhaling the stuff, but, her floor, bed, shelves, toys and everything was coated with baby powder!

It was just too comical that I rushed to get my camera and record it before I collected myself for a good reprimanding!

I thought I learnt my lesson and so the next day I didn't replenish the baby powder jar in her room. And when I looked in on her, the whole box of wet wipes became sheets and blankets for all her dollies!

I think she is just doing this to see if I would allow it, now that I am relaxing many of her rules - being exhausted and all with the newborn... and, she is home a lot more as we are only sending her to daycare a couple of times a week to save expenses as I am home on unpaid maternity leave.

In any case, I have gotten very used to the 2 hours of "free time" when Ana is down for her nap/quiet time that I am not ready to give it up yet even though she clearly is!



At 8:39 AM, Blogger mnamma said...

Thats so funny Sheela :) the expression on her face is priceless!


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