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Monday, March 10, 2008

Lilly: Paper Doll Fairy

Nana visited us recently and decided to get this Paper Doll Fairy kit for Ana. Ana is at the phase of being fascinated by fairies and princesses.

Her favorite declaration these days is, "I am a fairy princess, Amma!", even though I am sure she doesn't quite fully understand what that means...

Little girls are fun, aren't they?!

paper doll fairy kitpaper doll fairy kit

Anyway, this little kit comes with self-adhesive clothes for the fairy named Lilly, including shoes, socks and hats. The adhesive usually lasts as long as the interest lasts.

Basically, just peel and stick on the clothes and shoes and such and dress up the paper doll fairy as you like... and Ana loves to dress her dolls up, so, she took to this right away.

paper doll fairy kit

This would be a nice thing to have for long road trips or flight travel, provided the girlie traveler is at the right age and is interested in fairies and princesses.

I am sure Ana will grow out of her fairy princess phase soon, and will certainly get tired of dressing up Lilly in the same half-a-dozen or so set of outfits, but, it is such fun as long as it lasts - for her and for me. I love to just watch her trying to match up purple outfit with purple shoes and hat and such :)

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At 6:13 PM, Blogger Unbalanced Libra said...

That's neat! My daughter is very much into fairies and princesses right now. I will have to look into this as her birthday is this month!


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