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Monday, March 03, 2008

Monkey Portraits: Jill Greenberg

Monkey Portraits
by Jill Greenberg

Nana sent us this wonderful book Monkey Portraits a few weeks ago, as a gift for Ana.

From the day we received it, Ana has formed a special bond with the book and has insisted on poring over it every night at bedtime.

The portraits are by Jill Greenberg, an accomplished photographer who became enchanted by our biological cousins and their pure emotional expression, and decided to capture them in their element. Over two dozen models are featured in this collection of portraits that show off their varying moods and personalities.

The book is beautiful, amusing, and creative at the same time. Each picture comes with a charming caption like "barfly", "curmudgeon", "pensive", "contrarian", "worried", "delirious", "heatmiser" and so on. At the back of the book, the various monkey/ape models are introduced by the names they respond to.

Initially, it was fun yet tedious to read out every caption and explain it to Ana. Then, after a few reads, it was rewarding to note that she simply started reading it back to us, clearly and correctly pointing out the caption of each picture and trying to ape the expression on the page.

Of the 70-odd pictures, each unique and featuring one of the two dozen odd primates modeling, having its own caption, Ana now pretty much knows all but 4 or 5, and reads them out back to us from memory! While we just took it for granted, it was nice to note that Nana was quite impressed and taken aback by this feat of the wee one, when she visited us recently :)

Ana claims her favorites are Lola, a Diana Monkey residing in Miami, and BamBam, a baby orangutan residing in LA. The pictures that she feels most attracted to apparently seem to be the ones of the Mandrills - Kongo and Azumah. Quite understandably. They have such attractive colors on their face... and Ana thinks they are wearing a colorful mask :)

All in all, a wonderful addition to her (our) library. Thanks, Mom!!

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At 12:58 PM, Blogger Angel... said...

Wow...what a lovely pictures of monkeys... I enjoy reading your blog.. its very nice. keep it up


At 10:29 AM, Blogger Nisha said...

By the looks of your blog, every book that Ana reads turns out to be her favorite one :) Good that the kid loves books!

At 10:56 AM, Blogger Sheela said...

thanks, Angel!

Hi Nisha, funny you should mention this... for every book that Ana ends up liking, we have at least half a dozen that were duds, total wash-outs... since there is no point in writing about the ones we didn't like, I just never bother mentioning them :)

At 11:29 AM, Blogger Angel... said...

Ur welcome!!


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