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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Kids Crafts: Paper Trees

Ironic, isn't it? For our weekend fun craft project, Ana and I made a few trees out of paper! Considering that we are judicious about the use of paper products at home, and considering that it might someday help teach that valuable lesson about conservation, I decided to take off my activist hat and put on the fun-mommy hat for this project.

As usual, Ana being really young to wield the scissors in any safe or useful manner, this project was as much work for me as for her - well, just the preparation work for me, and the finishing work for her.

kids crafts paper trees

Supplies: Construction paper, card stock (or just notebook paper), washable craft glue, scissors

We looked around our backyard and our neighborhood, as well as some books we usually read, and picked out the various common generic shapes of bushes and trees. Then, I made cut-outs from construction paper for the tree-tops and the tree-trunks.

Ana applied the glue - the kind that goes on purple so she knows how much and where she is applying - to the backs of the pieces and stuck them on the card stock paper. We used both sides of the card stock, of course :)



At 8:45 AM, Blogger Nisha said...

Very nice and a simple project. Just right for the brat :)


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