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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

It's a New Year! Again.

I caved in and took Monday Dec 31st, 2007 off from work. I was looking forward to the 4-day weekend... but, it was mostly spent putting the ornaments and Xmas stuff away and recycling the tree and doing piles of laundry to sort out and give away clothes for charity - sort of in the spirit of Boxing Day. So, feels like I need a holiday again!

We didn't do much - just stayed home. I barely managed to stay awake till midnight. D and I take 1st January pretty casually. I take Vishu (Kerala/Tamil New Year) more seriously, of course, and it falls approximately in the middle of April per the Gregorian calendar.

Ana has started picking up after herself and cleaning her room at least twice a day during weekends - once before afternoon naptime, and once before night bedtime. Her room doesn't get very messy on weekdays as she spends most of it in daycare. Now, if I can only get her to clean the living room and the nook, it'd be a great help.

She consistently pees in her potty. But, still will not poop in her potty. She is comfortable in panties, and when she gets the urge to poop, she requests for a diaper. We've gone out on several outings, minus the diaper and it feels quite liberating for me. Except, right after I strap her in and get in the car, she insists she has to go potty! That is to be expected for the next... oh, 10 years at least, I am sure.

Anyway, just thought I'd write a post before months roll by in this new year...

Happy New Year!

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At 10:36 AM, Blogger Nisha said...

Congrats on Ana being potty trained. I've forgotten how I trained the brat. Now i have the biggest challenge of potty training the baby. Ok, one year down the line.


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