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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas 2007!


Santa stopped by again this year and he thought we were nice. Ana had a great day. She doesn't quite understand it all, but, she knows enough about Christmas to say "Merry Christmas!" to everybody she meets... she loved opening a few presents today. Being a typical girl, she changed 3 outfits within the space of the 30 minutes it took us to open presents - 3 sets of clothes I had made for her and bought for her for Christmas that she couldn't wait to try on - one of them being... you guessed right - overalls!

Ana helped me make cards this year - a lot of creative input, assistance in applying the craft glue, picking out the scraps for the scarf and hat and snow on the ground... She insisted the snowmen must have purple nose, not orange. And, since carrots were originally purple, and carrots are usually used to make the nose, this seemed like a brilliant idea, so, we implemented it.


She wanted one of the snowman/woman to wear overalls as that seems to be her favorite outfit these days... it seemed plain when Ana and I were done with the first round

so I decided to add some beads to represent falling snow - just dot with glue and sprinkle the beads - no careful assembly as I am too lazy...

Ana absolutely loved making these snowman cards with me. She couldn't wait for D to get home to proudly show him the cards!

It was nice to have some snowfall on Christmas Day, mild and just enough to not be a bother.

It has been an exhausting Christmas day, visiting family and exchanging wishes... it is back to work tomorrow. After all the build up, it just feels like things are winding down, forcing me to gear up for the New Year.

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At 7:41 PM, Blogger Sangeeta said...

3 dresses in 30 mins!!! :) doesnt she remind you of someone? ;)

And also- that would have given you ample scope to take some pics of her in those overalls!! where are the pics!!!

At 10:26 AM, Blogger Sheela said...

hey sang! emailed some pics to you :) Indeed she is taking after her chitthi in some respects, what?!


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