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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

the gracious hostess/medic

After relishing endless cups of (air) tea and countless pieces of (air) cake, I figured I must at least mention the gracious hostess here, after all, this space is supposed to be all about her. For the most part.

children's medical play set

D presented Ana with a simple Tea Set this past Christmas and she has taken to it wildly. When she is in the mood, she (insistently) invites us to sit at her table and daintily pours us some tea, promptly refilling it as soon as we take a sip and place the cup back down on the saucer. And, she loves to offer slices of cake in the little dessert plates that came with the tea set.

And, some days, she just wants to have a quiet breakfast with her Ducky or Enid paappaa, and we better not bother them - the breakfast could last as long as 20 minutes at times, with Ana helpfully mothering the Ducky... it is rather amusing to watch her place a little booster seat (small cushion) to help Enid paapaa reach her breakfast on the table.

And when she is bored playing the demanding role of a hostess, she easily morphs into an efficient veterinarian, looking after the health of her Ducky and Bunny... and, without second thoughts becomes a confident practitioner caring for her Enid paapaa and Polly baby.

children's medical play set

It is quite rewarding to note that the Medic Set I gave her for Christmas is being fully utilized. So far, at least. She loves each piece and tries to use them correctly - well, as correctly as we showed her at least :) Stethoscope happens to be her favorite, with the otoscope coming in at close second. It is quite a delight to watch her make her Polly baby drink the medicine from the medicine bottle...

It won't be long before she gets terribly bored with it. At which point, of course, I'd have to do what mothers worldwide do - simply hide the popular toys and wait a suitable period of say about a few months and reintroduce them into her accessible toy shelf and help her discover the joys all over again...

The other day, D was working on some repairs around the house and dropped something on my foot. My sudden yelp caught Ana's attention and she surmised that I am probably hurt by that thing that dropped on my foot and ran to her room, got her teta-scope (stethoscope) and examined me briefly, kissed my foot and pronounced "All better! Amma's OK!"

And, as bonus, she is not fussy about visits to the doctor anymore and curiously watches her pediatrician examining her, cooperating and volunteering information, even going so far as to boldly try to snatch the otoscope from her doctor's hand and try to check out the doctor! (It's a good thing her doctor is used to such tricks and has a firm grip).

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At 9:34 AM, Blogger Kodi's Mom said...

medic story is so cute! I need to get one of those sets - as a remedy for the doctor visits (which are usually ear piercingly unpleasant for us :))

At 10:56 AM, Blogger Tharini said...

soooo cute! And so much fun to read and visualise her doing all those things. She looks like such a kind little mother hen making her little one sit on the booster like that!!

where did you buy the medic set from? Its really nice.

At 9:37 PM, Blogger Gauri said...

This was so cute.

Here's to many many more High Teas with the little medic :-)

At 1:06 PM, Blogger Sheela said...

good to hear from you kodi's mom, tharini, gauri...

i had a medic set when i was little but it was nowhere near as sturdy or child-safe as Ana's :)

i bought this set at Finnegan's - a local toy store... this is the low-end one (read:cheapest) - they have several sets ranging in price from $8 to $30 at that store! the costlier one are a bit fancier, with a better carrying case...

this one comes with a thermometer, a syringe, medicine bottle, BP monitor, otoscope, reflex hammer, clams/forceps and stethoscope.

At 6:04 AM, Blogger Nisha said...

So cute. Probably I'll get my baby one of the medic sets when she turns two. Actually she is quite a girl in the sense that she likes all girly toys. May be she'd like the tea set better. But right now she likes to fight over what her brother has :)

At 6:37 AM, Blogger Lavs said...

I came here from Indian Mommies and liked your site immensely. The crafts section takes the cake. I am gonna link you up at my space. Keep up the good work.


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