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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Kids Craft: Miniature Paper Dolls

Paper Dolls of all kinds have been very popular with the little girl at home. Sticker paper dolls as well as the regular kind with tabs to put on the clothes. Dress up of all kinds is much enjoyed as well, be it dressing up the self or dolls or others.

After playing with store-bought paper dolls aplenty, finally, Ana started making her own. The most fun part is designing the clothes (and making them) for her very own paper dolls. And this way, she is not particular about their facial features or bodies, but more focused on creating - from drawing to cutting out the dolls and clothes meticulously.

The inspiration apparently came from The Ultimate Paper Crafts & Origami book by Jackson & A'Court. I like how tiny the dolls are - it is hard to make miniature things even if they are much cuter than the regular-sized.

As is the norm these days, I had little to do with the making of these. I was given the girl paper doll to play with and Papa was given the boy paper doll. I like the detail, plus the choice of pants or skirt for the girl.

While a few more are in progress, I think with each of these projects, she seems to be interested in figuring out how to do it, make a prototype to satisfy herself and move on to create something else. Just watching her revisit/repeat a particular project gives me an idea of what interests her at the moment and helps me strategically place materials and books to encourage her self-learning...

Perhaps she'll grow out of it as school gets busy and the time to do what she wants dwindles, but c'est la vie... we grab on to what is potentially soul-satisfying and try to do it as often as life permits.

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