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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Encyclopedia Mythologica: Gods & Heroes

Encyclopedia Mythologica: Gods & Heroes
 (A Pop-up Novelty book)
by Matthew Reinhart, Robert Sabuda

Mythology being an ever-fascinating topic, the 7-year old zoomed in on this book at Powell's where she hoped to use the gift cards her friends had given for her birthday several months ago.

(And, rather than splurge it all on herself, I was glad to note that she bought something for Oggie, something he'd like - a DK Ultimate Sticker Book of Space.)

With just 6 pages, Encyclopedia Mythologica: Gods & Monsters might seem like a quick read, but the book has been entertaining her for hours, over days, on and off. [Much like the How To Find Flower Fairies book did does]

From Ancient Egypt, Greek, Norse, Eastern and Polynesian to relatively modern Native American, the powerful deities conjured up and revered by the various civilizations are presented in quite a dramatic manner that easily arrested the attention of the young reader.

The paper cut-out centerpiece on each page is surrounded by text on fold-out/pull/pop-up novelties. The text flows in a direct narration sharing some intriguing stories from mythology, qualifying clearly enough that these were the beliefs of the time.

There are a few other books in this series by the same team: Encyclopedia Mythologica: Dragons & Monsters, Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Sharks and Other Sea Monsters, Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Mega Beasts.

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