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Thursday, June 10, 2010

How To Find Flower Fairies

How To Find Flower Fairies
Pop-up Novelty book
by Cicely Mary Barker

When Nana gave this huge volume to Ana for her birthday, the five year old just could not believe it. Here was book of her dreams!

"If you are walking by a tree, you may hear a sudden twittering of birds. This could be a warning signal to let the fairies know of your presence. Fairies do not like humans venturing too close to their homes, and their feathered friends know to alert them if we are nearby."

"Can you see any remnants of nutshells or berries on the ground? These are signs that a fairy feast has recently taken place."

With cute tid-bits like these, the book has kept the resident fairyphile absorbed and amazed for many hours, many days.

Just as the title promises, each page tells us how to find flower fairies In the Tree Tops, Forest Floor,  Garden, By the wayside, In the Marsh.

This huge book (approx. 10x12x2 inches), is packed with novelties - flaps, maps, pop-ups, pull-outs, plus huge paper structures that are absolutely magical and soothing. Most pages have the charming cursive writing which added to the appeal.

I must admit I love this book! The little details, the dainty illustrations, the gorgeous pop-ups all add up to a dreamy, enchanting experience.

[image source: photo of personal copy of the book]

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