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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Kids Craft: Paper Animals in a Box

There must be something about the large-sized books that must be appealing to the 7-yo. Just about every other book she borrows from her school library is a humongous volume - be it The Guinness Book of World Records or Shells:Treasures of the Sea, or the most recent, The Ultimate Paper Crafts & Origami Book by Jackson & A'Court.

It is no secret that Usborne Book of Art Ideas is a favorite at home - I leaf through it a lot while sipping tea some weekend afternoons looking for inspiration, among other books. And, Ana started doing the same a couple of years ago, minus the tea-sipping, of course.

Anyway, for a "surprise" Tea Party one summer day, Ana gave the hand-made invitations, all hush-hush; confirmed we would be there at 4 p.m in our backyard; where she had set up a picnic blanket, made some lemonade (in lieu of tea), cookies, and a Box Full of Paper Animals for the 'guests' to take home.

[The cookies were the Easy Bake™ kind that her aunt gave her last Christmas.]

Box Full of Paper Animals

Unfortunately I don't have a step-by-step for this project as I didn't do it; and it was done in secret to preserve the element of surprise. However, I think the idea is from one of the Paper Crafting books she has been reading.

The albino white tiger family was my favorite in terms of novelty and uniqueness. And, the paper-woven heart was a special touch.

Guessing from the finished work - simply fold the required size colored paper in half, draw and cut out the animal shape, adding its characteristic features, and voilá!

But that is not all. She made the heart-shaped box as well. Cut out cardboard from our recycling pile for lid and bottom; green poster paper for the sides, which she then proceeded to decorate with bits of striped blue tissue paper.

I did manage to casually peek in and get a picture when the gorgeous box was under construction.

My favorite animal to take home? I shamelessly grabbed the crocodile and elephant, leaving Oggie and Papa to the tiger family and giraffe.

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