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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cutting Incisors

No more deliciously cute toothless smile... Very much like Ana, Oggie has his top two incisors pushing out through the gum line now.

After almost 2½ months of cutting teeth, resulting in sleepless nights and terribly fussy baby, there is finally something to show for it. The little white buds are almost like two little grains of dirty white rice.

It's a good thing memory is not solidly established at that age, so, Oggie is not going to remember all the pain, just like Ana doesn't remember her teething woes... but, boy, he is having a tough time with it.

And just when I was taking a deep breath to heave a sigh of relief in anticipation of possibly better sleep at nights now that they are out, I had to abort it mid-breath as his bottom two incisors are getting ready to cut through: his gums are puffy like little corn kernels, inflamed and sore-looking, plus his cheeks are flushed, with low-grade fever, and he simply won't settle down for naps or sleep at nights... pretty much the same symptoms as for his top two incisors continue...

So, the wonderfully cuddly-sweet cheerful baby has just been a barrel of poo lately.

Homeo teething tablets worked great for Ana, so, I am using the same for Oggie - as much as allowed - to ease his discomfort. His pediatrician cleared using Orajel™ but I am not sure I want to use benzocaine too much, despite studies showing no negative side effects. Besides, Orajel™ did nothing much for Ana; and the few times I have tried it on Oggie, it seems to wear off within an hour or so, leaving me with a crankier baby somehow.

Chilled water-filled teething rings, frozen pacifier, freshly washed cold mommy's finger, even chilled sippy cup with water seem to offer short-term relief.

I know this too shall pass. I know babies the world over go through this, some taking it a lot easier than others. I know I survived Ana's teething. But, unfortunately, simultaneous sleep-deprivation for mommy and baby has lead to a very chaotic household, and an addle-brained lady-of-the-house (c'est moi).

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