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Monday, October 06, 2008

Pleasant Surprise

Oggie had to visit the doctor 3 times in 2 weeks - his cough was nasty and he was vomiting a lot. The doctor has put him on antibiotics course as his tender body is not able to handle bronchitis and ear infection all at the same time :(

Ana's fever is down and she is back to her "normal" self, despite runny nose and congestion. The things she brings back from school! Sheesh!!

Anyway, just wanted to record a very pleasant surprise: CS, a blog reader who had taken the trouble to email me last year and subsequently became my pen pal, had revealed that she is only about 45 mins drive away from where I live. Since then, we both went on to deliver our respective babies and recover post-partum, putting off meeting in person, despite wanting to badly...

But, finally, after reading about Ana and Oggie's simultaneous sickness, she took the giant step from virtual cyberworld to our real human world and stopped by yesterday!! And, she was thoughtful enough to cook delicious pongal, bonda, sambar and chutney and bring it for us! Plus, a large tub of idli batter to tide us over for a few days so I can take it easy while playing the ministering angel of a mommy!

It was wonderful to finally meet you in person, CS!! And you are always welcome to stop by anytime - promise not to exert yourself cooking a bunch for us every time - despite it being temptingly delicious :)



At 9:39 AM, Blogger Subhashree said...

Aww... so sweet. Hope Oggie gets well soon. Poor wee thing, taking antibiotics! Hugs baby, get well soon.


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